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The construction of the B173 between Lichtenfels and Redwitz a.d.R. (BA3)
- from a survey flight to a virtual 3D model of the route in the realistic environment -
Date: 06.03.2021, last change: 16.04.2021 (Translation)

Read in German:
The construction project briefly presented
Who can describe the construction project better than the Bamberg State Building Authority (Staatliches Bauamt Bamberg), which is responsible for the construction:

The B 173 is the most important connection of the Kronach district to the motorway network. It is to be expanded to four lanes in 4 construction phases between the A 73 (Lichtenfels junction) and the LIF / KC district boundary. With the Lichtenfels bypass, the first section has been under traffic since 2001. Building law has been in place for the 3rd construction phase since April 30, 2019. Extensive preparatory building measures are currently underway, such as the preservation of evidence, preliminary exploration of ordnance, archaeological preliminary explorations and sector planning. Construction of the 3rd construction phase began on May 4, 2020 with building 12-1 on the B 289 west of Horb. The construction of further structures 11-1 in the course of the GVS to be relocated to Burgstall, as well as the BW 9-1 in the course of the district road LIF 4, also began in spring 2020.
Length: 8.0 km
Cost: € 143.5 million
Project status: under construction

More information from Statliches Bauamt Bamberg > to the project page of Staatliches Bauamt Bamberg <

Task and procedure

Orthomosaik - B173 BA3


Punktwolke Übersicht - B173 BA3


Punktwolke Genauigkeitsbereiche - B173 BA3


Punktwolke Nahaufnahme - B173 BA3


Punktwolke Genauigkeitsbereiche Nahaufnahme - B173 BA3


DEM Übersicht - B173 BA3


DEM Nahaufnahme - B173 BA3

The task consisted of two parts building on each other.

The first part consisted of the photogrammetric measurement, in the position and height system of the construction project, of the entire route with a width of 200m each to the left and right of the axis with a total length of approx. 8.70 km. As a result there are:
- a DEM
- one or more orthomosaics (with a resolution of up to 3.87 cm / px; distortion-free in the required area - but for an overview with peripheral areas such as localities, etc.)
- a dense and colored point cloud
- an unfiltered DGM
- a filtered and cleaned DGM (consideration of planting areas such as maize, wheat, etc .; removal of trees, masts, etc.)

The second part consisted of the visual processing of the project for an accessible 3D model of the finished road in the current landscape.
The following were carried out:
- Model construction from line data from the planner
- Independent construction of other structures that did not yet exist
- Texturing of the model from plan data
- Processing and texturing of the photogrammetric model (the "reality model")
- Connection of both models
- Programming of tracking shots
- 3D animation rendering
- Presentation of the 3D model on Sketchfab
- Creation of videos with flights over the finished route

Summary (rounded):
- Length of the route: 8.70 km
- Total area in the accuracy range: 460 ha
- Accuracies GCPs in the accuracy range: XYZ - between 1.70 cm - 3.00 cm
- Total area recorded: 1,170 ha

Since the model is somewhat larger, it is advantageous to master the controls a little.
Here on the right is a small video that shows which buttons lead to which controls.

The best thing to do is go to Settings (the wheel on the right in the model) with "Navigation - First Person" and of course the textures in "HD".
Hold the mouse down to control the direction, the mouse wheel to control the speed (preferably 0-1), the keys "W" "A" "S" "D" for the movement itself.

And now have fun "flying" over the B173!
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